About me

Who am I ?
I’m Camille Ouanounou, from Paris and actually living in New York. I’m a production director – building website (ex developer), videos and photographies for a communication company, Parties Prenantes, based in Paris.
Since I’m 16 years old I practice photography : argentic work (shooting and developing) and numeric since 15 years. I built this website to share my work thinking photographies has to be watched by people and not just backup on an hard drive.

What’s my equipment ?
– A Nikon D300’s with a Sigma 30mm DC Ex OC HSM, a Sigma 17-50 2.8 EX DC OS and a Nikon 18-55mm
– A Polaroid Sonar AutoFocus 5000 (SX-70 films)
– An Iphone using Hipstamatic
I also used a Nikon D70 before my D300’s, some photos of this website were shooted with this D70. Some friends also lent me sometimes their Canon 5D Mark II so you could find some photos shooted with this camera too.

Hope you’ll like my work ! If you’re interest by one of my photographies just write me and it would be a pleasure to sell you a well printed signed one !